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What Our Client’s Say

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Excellent presentation, and nicely to the point too. Really enjoyed the Q&A at the end - felt very involved in the session.

Sebastian Barry

Catheters were shipped promptly and was as described. The plugs work well also. Thank you for the fast shipping!

Oliver Greenwood

I can always count on the insulin3 Pharmacy to provide quick and efficient service.

Daisy Lana

This company is the best. I am an older woman with low tech skills. I ordered two of the same item, thinking it was 2 different items. One was 9.97 the other was 24.66. Turns out they were the same item, at two different rates. They refunded me the difference before I even knew I had made the error. Then they helped me find the right item and shipped it to me. Thanks from the bottom of my heart insulin3 Pharmacy

Alden Smith


It was a very easy experience to purchase the items I needed. My order was received in a timely manner. I will not hesitate to continue to order needed supplies in the future. text here

Naja ben

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I ran out of catheters, and my insurance only pays for so many...when I was in dire need, the insulin3 Pharmacy came through for me! I got quality, inexpensive catheters, and they shipped to me FAST!I would recommend them to anyone, it was a very pleasant online experience, thank you!


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My expierence with the insulin3 Pharmacy has always been pleasant and expedient. Just last week Barb went out of her way to see that my order was delivered in time.

Ben dawn

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